IC&C Volunteer Information


Convention Volunteering FAQ

How will I know what jobs are available?

  • Clicking the Volunteer Signup Sheet link lets you see all the volunteer jobs listed by event.

How will I know the time commitment of a job?

  • The Volunteer Signup Sheet lists all the jobs and their time commitments. Some jobs are lengthy, and others are short and sweet. There is something for everyone.

Will I be able to see the contests if I volunteer?

  • That depends on the job. Some jobs in the pattern, for example, are behind the scenes, and you will be unable to see the contests. More than one person will often be assigned that job, so you’d only miss part of the contest. Other jobs occur backstage, where you can see the contestants on the big screen. And many other jobs are not scheduled during the contests.

Can I volunteer AND compete in either the quartet or chorus contest, or both?

  • Yes. Many jobs take place outside of the contests. For example, working in Registration, volunteering in Education, or volunteering at the Saturday Night Showcase would not interfere with competing.

Can I sign up for a job with a friend so I don’t have to do it alone?

  • Absolutely. Some jobs require more than one person; others are listed as one-person jobs. If you’d like to bring a friend to help with the job (even a one-person job), that’s great! Just be sure to let the Convention Volunteer Manager know ahead of time.

Do these jobs require special training?

  • All volunteers receive a detailed job description from the Convention Volunteer Manager a month before the convention. In addition, the Convention Volunteer Manager will check in with you at the beginning of your shift to be sure you are comfortable with your duties. She is always available to answer questions/concerns before or during the convention.

Do I have to be a member of Harmony, Inc. to volunteer?

  • No. Family and friends of Harmony members are welcome to volunteer, as well as members (and their family and friends) of other barbershop organizations.

Why should I volunteer?

  • There are so many perks to volunteering! Like…

    →  You meet people who are volunteering with you (from all six Areas!!), and you end up making new friends. Many volunteers sign up for specific jobs so they can meet up with their volunteer friends from the previous year.

    →  You get to experience the convention from a whole new perspective. Working the pattern allows you to see the excitement (and nerves) that go into competition. Working backstage is an eye-opener about the logistics of running a contest.

    →  Think of all the joy you have experienced over the years by being a member of Harmony. Here is your opportunity to give back to Harmony. Volunteers are an integral part of the convention.

    →  If you volunteer for more than 10 hours, you may be eligible for a partial or full refund of your AEP.

    →  And the best reason to volunteer? It’s just a whole lot of

Types of Volunteer Positions


  • Backstage: Help with stage viewing, work the doors, help with personal belongings, and assist contestants to seats following performances.
  • Pattern: Help contestants through the pattern flow in a timely fashion.
  • Ticket Sales/Doors: Sell tickets and monitor entry doors to all contests.
  • Medal Assistants: Help with the organization of awards and medals.
  • ADM Assistant: Help the Administrator of Judges if anything is needed during contests.
  • Help number seats for the VIP section.


  • Class Facilitators: Introduce our fantastic class presenters and take headcounts.
  • Traffic monitors: Assist members in finding classes.

Showcase Dinner:

  • Staff the signup table for seat assignments.
  • Show members their banquet table assignments.


  • Distribute AEPs to members upon arrival at the Registration Table in the Hospitality Room. This is a great way to see your friends when they first arrive!

Harmony Sales:

  • Are you a natural salesperson?  Sell Harmony Merchandise in the Hospitality Room.

Volunteer sign-ups will begin this summer.