Our Rich History

Harmony, Inc.'s mission:

Empowering all women through singing, education, and friendship.

The History of Harmony, Inc.

Since 1959, the organization has expanded from its Eastern roots to include chapters in the United States and Canada from California to Newfoundland, and from Manitoba to Florida. Contests and conventions are held each year for the purposes of educating members in the performance of the craft, bringing together the membership to see the best perform, informing the membership of the status and direction of the organization, and encouraging an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. A steady growth in membership, a gradual geographic expansion, continuous improvement in the quality of performances, and the determination to abide by its democratic principles and maintain its unique “Blend With Friendship”, all bespeak a bright future for Harmony, Inc.

Harmony. Stronger.: Happy 60th, Harmony! (2019)

At International Contest and Convention 2019 in Sandusky, Ohio, Harmony celebrated its 60th anniversary. Linda Brehaut (incoming VP of Contests and Conventions) put together this lovely PowerPoint which was on display during the banquet.

Young In Heart: Harmony’s 50th Anniversary Yearbook (1959-2010)

The yearbook has been broken into the following sections/pages. Each link is a PDF file and is provided in the same order as the original yearbook.

Front and inside cover, Foreword

In Appreciation

Table of Contents

Harmony From Our Hearts: Cover Page 1959 -1984

Chapter One: Prelude to Harmony 1957

Chapter Two: A New Beginning 1958

Chapter Three: The Struggle 1959 – 1963

Chapter Four: The Next Ten Years 1964 – 1973

Chapter Five: Bombs Away 1974

Chapter Six: Democracy In Action 1975

Chapter Seven: Year of Many Changes 1976

Chapter Eight: Biggest Convention Yet 1977

Chapter Nine: Big Year of Excitement and innovation 1978

Chapter Ten: We Made It! 20 Years! 1979

Chapter Eleven: The Exciting Eighties 1980 – 1983

Chapter Twelve: We’re Harmony We’re Strong 1984

Meet Our First Certified Judges

Meet Madame President: Jacquie Jensen

Young In Heart: Cover Page 1985 – 1999

Chapter Thirteen: Sunny Conditions in the Mid-Eighties 1985 – 1988

Chapter Fourteen: Identification Challenge 1989 – 1991

Chapter Fifteen: Peaceful Resolutions 1992

Chapter Sixteen: Universal Harmony 1993

Chapter Seventeen: Another Happy Anniversary 1994

Chapter Eighteen: Inspired By Our Desire to Grow and Flourish 1995 – 1998

Chapter Nineteen: A Gem of a Ruby Jubilation 1999

Meet Madame President: Bev Jackson

About The Author: Jeanne O’Connor

The Next 10 Years: 2000 – 2010 

Harmony Queens and Medalist Quartets

International Championship and Medalist Choruses

Convention Sites / International Presidents

Board of Directors


International Chapter History Book Contest / Chapter Bulletin Contest

Editors of The Key-Note / International Contest and Judging Program

Chapter Directory / Area Delineations


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