Associate Membership

The benefits of Associate Membership:

  • May wear the Harmony, Inc. official membership pin.

  • Will be given access to the Members-Only area of the Harmony, Inc. website.

  • Shall receive the E-Note via email each month. Associate Members without email access will receive their copy of the E-Note by regular mail.

  • Working toward a chapter charter may use the Harmony brochures to publicize their efforts and may refer to themselves as “affiliates of Harmony, Inc.” in their publicity.

  • May enter Area and International Quartet Contests as stipulated by corporate policy.

  • Will be invited by the Music Coordinator to sing in the International Quartet at Convention. The Music Coordinator will provide music to those members who have indicated a desire to participate in the International Chorus.

  • May exercise their voting privilege at Convention through a delegate of their choice. Attendance at the combined Delegates/Associates Member meeting at Convention is desirous to ensure the exercising of this privilege.

  • Also enjoys the privilege of voting for International Board Members and the Area Representative in the Area in which she resides. They may themselves be nominated by a Chapter or any Harmony, Inc. member (Chapter or Associate Member) to stand for election to the International Board (Board Director or Area Representative); however, they may not nominate themselves.

  • Has the privilege of nominating ONE (only) Harmony, Inc. member for election to the International Board and ONE (only) Area Representative.

  • When a group of Associate Members reaches the required minimum (14) eligible to apply for a charter, they shall transfer to regular membership promptly by submitting Chapter Charter Application forms, Standing Rules, By-Laws, and Official Membership Certification forms.

For an Application for Associate Membership, please click here.

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