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  • CONVENTION CORNER - Be Part Of Our Team! By Shannon Shelton-Muller, IC&C Marketing Assistant
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Jun 19 2024
    CONVENTION CORNER - Be Part Of Our Team! 	By Shannon Shelton-Muller, IC&C Marketing Assistant
    See the action from the inside out and be part of the Convention Team! We're looking to fill the following roles:

    The IC&C Business Services Manager updates and distributes contracts to vendors for IC&C Harmony Mall as well as solicits IC&C big screen ads from those companies with whom Harmony, Inc. does business and the general membership. If space is available, also informs chapters that they may sell merchandise in the IC&C Hospitality Room.

    The IC&C Convention Team Assistant works closely with the Convention Manager to project manage all things related to IC&C to ensure we stay on task for everything leading up to the event.  This includes being the liaison not only within the IC&C team but with other teams in the organization (Corporate, AHQ, Education etc.) and third-party vendors.  The PM will also support some of the more admin specific tasks such as monthly call notes, hotel rooming lists, fair share assessment charges and other tasks as needed.

    Interested in these positions? Contact Allison Thompson at for more information.
  • Hive Library Update!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jun 13 2024
    Hive Library Update!

    Musician's Vision recording has now been uploaded into the HIVE library for your viewing pleasure!

    Have you tried the new search feature in the HIVE library?
    For example, if you search warm-ups you get
    Stretches for Everyday Singers 2
    Yoga for Singers
    Healthy, Free Vocal Production

    Give it a try for anything you might be looking for and if you don't find what you are looking for send an email to the Education Coordinator.  You just might see a class in the future with this exact topic!

    Watch your inbox for more classes as they become available and check out the HIVE calendar.

    Remember that HIVE classes are recorded and posted to the HIVE library.

    Happy learning!
    In Harmony,
    Angie Morton
    Corporate Office Assistant
  • 2024 International Board of Directors Election - Through June 15
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Jun 3 2024
    2024 International Board of Directors Election - Through June 15
    Be an informed voter. Read the resumes of the five candidates found in the May 31 email from the Corporate Office. And watch the Nominee Chats posted in the Members Only section of the Harmony, Inc. website.
    Link here: 

    YOUR VOTE IS DUE ON OR BEFORE JUNE 15, 2024. Be sure to vote on or before that day for your vote to count.
  • HIVE Education: Musician's Vision by Mo Field - Tuesday, June 4th at 7:30pm Eastern -
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Jun 2 2024
    HIVE Education: Musician's Vision by Mo Field  - Tuesday, June 4th at 7:30pm Eastern -
    Class Description: Do you know who shows up on stage? The person you believe yourself to be - let's deepen that- come and discover more of your vision as a musician and human - put the whole of who you are, into everything you do.

    BIO Mo Field (She/Her/Them/They) Mo Field is a musician, performer and believer in people. She is a globally sought after coach, arranger, musical director, educator, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and mentor. Mo is a seeker of connecting humanity - weaving our stories through musical truth telling and deeply nuanced expressiveness, is her jam.
  • COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING - Kathy Stone, Copyright and Licensing Coordinator
  •  Date Posted: Fri, May 24 2024
    COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING - Kathy Stone, Copyright and Licensing Coordinator

    Paying for music and the right to perform it - can be a complicated concept! Remembering to report it, however, is not. 😊

    Harmony, Inc. and its Areas and Chapters are required to pay fees to three separate U.S. music licensing agencies (ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC) whenever we perform music at live events that we organize i.e. Chapter Shows, AC&C's and IC&C. 

    If your chapter had a performance or show that was attended by the public, regardless of whether or not you sold tickets, accepted donations in lieu of tickets, or performed for free, you can fulfill this requirement by reporting your activity on Form HAR-122 ... UNLESS you have your own accounts in place with ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC.

    By completing Form HAR-122, (found in the Members Only section of the website and embedded in this sentence) your chapter will fall under umbrella agreements with these licensing organizations. So, instead of your chapter paying fees directly to ASCAP/BMI/SESAC, you can submit your information to Harmony, Inc. and we will report on your behalf. Your chapter/area will then be billed for your portion of fees paid under Harmony, Inc.’s licensing agreements. The fees will typically be less than paying directly to these organizations to perform your music.

    Canadian Chapters/Areas must report their performance activity to SOCAN, with whom we do not currently have an umbrella license. This reporting must be done independently by each chapter/area; consequently, the form referred to below is not applicable in Canada.

    Please review the linked form and familiarize yourself with the information. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you submit the form within 10 days of the event. Our quarterly reporting deadlines are 15 days after the end of the previous quarter. We cannot report for you if we do not have the information by the 10th of the month.

    If you have questions about completing this form, please contact the Finance Assistant at Questions about this information? Contact the Copyright & Licensing Coordinator at or the Finance Assistant at

  • HIVE CLASS WITH TESSA RAYE WALKER - Wednesday, May 29, June 26, July 24, August 28 and September 25 7:30 pm Eastern
  •  Date Posted: Fri, May 17 2024
    HIVE CLASS WITH TESSA RAYE WALKER - Wednesday, May 29, June 26, July 24, August 28 and September 25 7:30 pm Eastern

    Engaging Youth

    5-Part Series

    There are a plethora of ways, big and small, to introduce, engage, and encourage youth to sing barbershop!  We'll cover subjects such as school visits, show invitations, day workshops, weekend explosion camps, and more.  Get some new ideas and inspiration for what you, as an individual, your quartet, or your chapter can do to pave the way for more youth to discover our style of music.

  •  Date Posted: Wed, May 15 2024

    There are many reasons why people donate and just as many ways to donate. 

    One way is through the donation of arrangements and learning tracks. Think about the impact of this gift!  Every member of Harmony, Inc. benefits from that individual’s generosity.  Read on to find out why Jay Dougherty, Director of Choral Activities at Marietta College, became one of those unique donors.

    What was your first experience with Harmony, Inc.? 
    My first experience was being invited to judge the 2023 Area 5 contest. I’m a Musicality Judge for BHS and for many years have heard how wonderful HI events are. I’ve always wanted to judge one of the events to see for myself. My opportunity came in 2023 at Harmony’s Area 5 AC&C. It was beyond my expectations. I could write an essay about the reasons I loved it so much, but it really boils down to how welcome I felt and how much fun everyone seemed to be having. It had a “family reunion” feel, where everyone was there for the sheer joy of harmony rather than for the rigor of contest itself. It was refreshing! 

    What stands out for you as your most memorable moment while attending a Harmony, Inc. event? 
    Most memorable was the Saturday gala/dinner. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. To have the entire Area there enjoying dinner and music together, dancing, dressing up as characters of the theme for the weekend… I have never seen anything like it before or since. My jaw was to the floor for two hours! I took videos so I could show my SAI chorus. Watching this spectacle happen reminded me what singing harmony is really about: the people. The love of Harmony. My biggest takeaway from that weekend was to fully understand that an Area convention is just a big gathering of harmony enthusiasts who love to spend time together and sing… Oh yeah, and there’s a contest happening somewhere, too. Contest took kind of a back seat in a special way and I loved that about it!

    You have been generous to Harmony, Inc. with a donation of an arrangement and learning tracks. What are your reasons for contributing in this meaningful way?
    My experience in Area 5 reinvigorated my love of harmony and conventions. I came away from that weekend completely blown away, enlightened, and empowered to know what a truly welcoming and enjoyable convention experience should look like. So, in that way, I felt like Harmony, Inc. had given me a gift, and I immediately knew that I had to give back. The best way I knew how was to write an accessible, contestable arrangement that would be free for any chorus or quartet to use. I wrote Charley My Boy, from a public domain melody so that there would be no copyright issues. I generated my own learning tracks, made them freely available to anyone, and I dedicated it to Harmony, Inc. I know there are many small choruses out there that don’t have a big budget for music, so this was my way to provide something for them to use, whether for shows or contest.

    What impact do you hope to see as a result of your donation of music?
    I expect nothing in return. That said, it sure would make my heart overflow if I ever heard a chorus or quartet singing the chart in contest somewhere.  The PDF and learning tracks can be found freely accessible on the HI Members website
  • Seeking New Chapter Development Coordinator!
  •  Date Posted: Fri, May 10 2024
    Seeking New Chapter Development Coordinator!

    Are you interested in serving Harmony in the important role of New Chapter Development Coordinator?

    This individual is the first point of contact for budding choruses. The New Chapter Development Coordinator walks prospective
    chapters through the steps to becoming chartered chapters of Harmony, Inc. – a very exciting and fulfilling role indeed!

    In this role, you will have the support of the outgoing New Chapter Development Coordinator, Bev Jackson, and an entire Membership team. Detailed information about this position is located in the corporate manual.

    If you are interested or would like some more information, please email Taralee Lashway, or complete form HAR-001>.
  • HIVE CLASS WITH JOE CERUTTI - Wednesday, May 15 - 7:30 pm Eastern
  •  Date Posted: Thu, May 9 2024
    HIVE CLASS WITH JOE CERUTTI -  Wednesday, May 15 - 7:30 pm Eastern

    Generating Grassroots Financial Support
    in a Post-Pandemic World

    In this course, participants will discover practical strategies for cultivating grassroots financial support tailored to the unique needs of barbershop ensembles in the post-pandemic landscape. Emphasizing community engagement and relationship-building, the class will empower attendees to position their ensembles as leaders in their local communities, inspiring meaningful connections and sustainable revenue streams. From leveraging existing events to crafting compelling narratives, participants will gain the tools and confidence needed to navigate the evolving fundraising landscape and secure the future of barbershop harmony.
  •  Date Posted: Mon, May 6 2024

    Now that you've qualified, what do you do to make your intent to compete at IC&C known?

    Once you've qualified at AC&C, your quartet or chorus contact will receive an email with your official invitation to compete at IC&C from our corporate office. This email will contain all the links and pertinent information required to submit your intention to compete. You will have 15 days from the receipt of this email to complete the required contest entry information in the new system.

    If your quartet or chorus does not plan to compete at IC&C, please complete HAR-059 Official International Quartet Contest Information Form or HAR-060 Official International Chorus Contest Information Form and select decline invitation. Your job will be done. That information will help with planning.

    If your quartet or chorus does plan to be part of the contest, you will need to complete two steps this year as we utilize the new scoring system. The information below is what will be contained in the email from corporate:
    • YOUR FIRST STEP is to provide Contest Entry information in our new system. (Instructions will be attached to the email on how to enter the information.)
    Please note if you have any challenges at all with Step One, do not contact BHS! You must contact our Administrative Judge Category Specialist, Linda Muise. She can be reached at
    • YOUR SECOND STEP, after you have completed your Contest Entry, is to complete HAR-059, the Official International Quartet Contest Information Form or HAR-060, the Official International Chorus Contest Information Form This will allow the IC&C Administrative Judges to verify your contest entry information and confirm your permissions and understanding of contest rules. This form is also where you order performance videos and pay your contest entry fee.
    If you find you are having trouble navigating the HAR-059 or HAR-060 form, please contact Kelly Peterson or Angie Morton for help.

    Remember, if your quartet or chorus is planning to compete, you can avoid a $5 per member late fee by completing the 2-step process on or before 15 days from the receipt of the email. No contest entries are accepted after September 1, 2024.
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Apr 15 2024
    Like many other non-profit organizations around the world, we rely on our amazing volunteers to generously give their time and serve our thriving organization. Without these caring individuals Harmony Incorporated would not be the outstanding organization we all love.  So please, we invite you to put a smile on their face by thanking them for what they do for all of us!
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Apr 14 2024
    The Spring Contest Cycle was officially launched this past weekend, April 12-13, with 9 quartets and 12 choruses gathering, singing, and celebrating this great artform in Framingham, MA. These AREA 2 ensembles showed off their talents and entertained an enthusiastic audience. The excitement was electrifying and highly infectious with an incredible 100%-chapter participation. Read all about the results and check out the AREA 2 website for details.
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Apr 2 2024
    It is hard to believe it is officially contest time!  We have decided on a corporate level to take a break from livestreaming any contest this year so that we may analyze the costs and determine the best course of action for creating a successful experience.
    However, some Areas have decided to invest in providing a livestream for their contest.  Be sure to watch the Hi-Note for updates on which areas and how you can access their contest.
    Best of luck to everyone crossing the stage this year!

    Allison Thompson
    IC&C Convention Manager
  • Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 7 - Growth in Education
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Mar 2 2024
    Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 7 - Growth in Education
    “Empowering women through singing, education, and friendship,” is the core mission of Harmony, Inc., now celebrating its 65th birthday. Over the past six and a half decades, our organization has undergone remarkable growth, particularly in the realms of musical and leadership education.
    In response to the challenges presented by the pandemic in 2020, Harmony, Inc. swiftly adapted and launched The HIVE — a comprehensive catalog of recorded classes available to all members though our website. This initiative allowed us to transcend the traditional limitations of in-person gatherings, providing members with continuous opportunities for education.
    With 119 classes currently available, facilitated by 64 different teachers, the HIVE has garnered 7,398 registrations to date. The platform has become a valuable resource, showcasing our commitment to ongoing learning and accessibility, allowing members to engage in education without leaving their homes.

    Beyond the HIVE, Harmony, Inc. members are embracing creative educational opportunities. Many Areas organize education days with unique and enjoyable twists, fostering a culture of continuous learning. At the International level, our focus on musical directors’ education led to the initiation of the Directors First campaign in 2016. This initiative aimed to send. directors and musical leaders to Harmony University (HU) — an esteemed barbershop education experience, with the first scholarships being awarded in 2017. We are proud to have supported a number of musical leaders in attending HU, enriching their knowledge and bringing valuable insights back to our risers to elevate our collective musical education.

    With an eye always on further educational experiences, in 2023 Harmony took another leap in developing our musical director skills by initiating a mentorship program. We currently have twelve musical leaders involved with our one-on-one mentoring program with further growth expected in the months to come.

    Just as Harmony, Inc. started small, our educational endeavors have experienced remarkable growth, a testament to the big thinking of our members and leaders. We celebrate the success of our educational initiatives and look forward to continued growth and learning in the years ahead. Let us know - what was your favorite education class?
  • Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 6 - Growth in Relationships with Other Organizations
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Mar 1 2024
    Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 6 - Growth in Relationships with Other Organizations
    Harmony, Inc. is proud of our founding values of inclusion and autonomy. In a bid to strengthen bonds within the a cappella world, Harmony, Inc. explored a partnership with the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). However, the pursuit of maintaining the autonomy we hold dear led us to choose a different path.
    The story doesn't end there; our relationships with both Sweet Adelines International and BHS have evolved into harmonious partnerships, each organization recognizing and respecting what we value about Harmony, Inc. We also deeply value our relationship with the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (L.A.B.B.S.) whose generously donated trophy for the non-medalist chorus achieving the highest scores in the Performance Category has been a cherished addition to our annual convention for 40 years.
    Our relationships with Sing Canada Harmony and Harmony Foundation International have helped support our Directors First program, established to provide support and training for musical leaders and directors. We established a partnership with the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association with the recent eligibility of quartets and choruses to attend Mixed Voice Contests at Area conventions. Our championship quartets have also appeared on the World Harmony Showcase show, held in conjunction with the BHS International Convention.
    Our commitment to inclusivity remains steadfast, and as we celebrate our 65th anniversary, we stand proud of the harmonious relationships we've forged within the singing community. Our shared judging platform with the BHS has been beneficial to all involved, and it’s been an honor for our Harmony Queens to be invited to sing alongside the BHS quartet champions and Sweet Adelines Queens of Harmony at events like the BHS Midwinter Convention. Here's to 65 years of breaking barriers, embracing diversity, starting small and thinking big while maintaining the values that are so important to the heart of Harmony, Inc.!
    We would love for you to share pictures or stories of your experiences shared with members of the other communities of barbershop singers!
  • Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 5 - Growth in Diversity/Inclusion
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Feb 29 2024
    Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 5 - Growth in Diversity/Inclusion
    Since its very inception 65 years ago, Harmony, Incorporated has rooted itself in the embrace of singers of all walks of life – irrespective of beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Inclusion has not been just a value for us, it has been a guiding force; enriching our organization with the diverse voices which grace our membership. As we stand today, inclusion remains one of our five core values, a testament to the profound belief that our unity is strengthened by our differences.
    No conversation about our origins would be complete without addressing the events that led to our formation. In 1957, Sweet Adelines, at the time the only women’s barbershop organization, passed a bylaw explicitly limiting membership to only white women. This action caused the resignation of some members who came together to form Harmony, Inc. In 1963, Sweet Adelines determined that Lana Clowes, a Black woman who had been singing tenor with the Ottawa chorus for over a year, was not allowed to be a member of her chapter. Following this widely-publicized refusal from Sweet Adelines, Lana and 20 members of her Ottawa chorus left the organization and went on to form the Capital Chordettes in Harmony, Inc.
    To amplify our commitment to inclusion, our Equity and Diversity Committee has made available a rich on-line library of resources, hosted thought-provoking roundtables, and penned monthly articles - sometimes challenging, but always insightful. This committee serves as a beacon, unafraid to “Think Big!” while guiding us toward a more inclusive and harmonious future.
    We are proud to stand with other organizations in this effort, especially Sweet Adelines, who awarded posthumous lifetime membership to Lana in 2016 at their 70th Annual Convention and Competition in Las Vegas. While receiving the honor on behalf of her mother, Valerie Clowes noted that, "the past is here to teach us, not to haunt us." Like all of us devoted to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, we are a work in progress, but we are committed to the work. It is important to who we were, who we are, but also who we will be.
    Today, we continue to work for a future where every member from different races and ethnicities, from the LGBTQ+ community, members with disabilities, different religions, and gender identities, can not only find their place on our risers, but also see the beauty of their own unique voice within our collective harmony.
    Tag your chapter or area and list one way you or they have been radically inclusive to actively incorporate other perspectives and experiences to create a welcoming environment for singers.
  • Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 4 - Growth in Quality of singing (qualifying choruses)
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Feb 28 2024
    Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 4 - Growth in Quality of singing (qualifying choruses)
    In 2023, Harmony, Inc. Area 6, located in the Southeastern United States, showed tremendous growth in the quality of Area Convention and Contests (AC&C) scores, as eight out of nine choruses that took the stage qualified for the prestigious International Convention and Contests, including three choruses for whom this was their first AC&C! Area 6 has shown steady growth and engagement of its membership with their dedication and passion to the art form and the organization.
    This remarkable achievement from Harmony’s newest area embodies the essence of “Start Small, Think Big!” We applaud Area 6 Harmony, Inc.'s Area 6’s commitment to excellence and growth in their contest scores, educational opportunities, and the relationships that have blossomed as a result of their time spent together.
    As we celebrate the 65th birthday of Harmony, Inc., we wish to congratulate Area 6 and all of our Areas that demonstrate ingenuity and forward thinking in how they deliberately involve and better their members, resulting in so many high-quality ensembles crossing the stage! We want to know - how do you engage your area members?
  • Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 3 - Growth in Geography
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Feb 27 2024
    Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 3 - Growth in Geography
    Since 1959, Harmony Inc. has expanded from our Eastern roots to include chapters in six geographical areas in the United States and Canada from California to Newfoundland. Excitingly, a seventh Expansion Area is taking shape as we share our love of Harmony with more and more people in the Western US!
    You can be a part of our “Westward Expansion”! Tag your friends and let them know that Harmony, Inc. is making waves in the west!
    Visit for all of the information you need to get a chorus started.
    We also want to shout out to our Expansion Area chapters - On Q (New Mexico), Vocal Moxie (Arizona), and Women in Harmony (Manitoba), as well as our prospective chapters - Soundsation Harmony (Florida), East Wind Harmony (New Brunswick), and Greater Montreal Chorus (Montreal) and other Harmony, Inc. choruses in the works (Spirit of Michigan). Check out their social media and help spread the word!
    We started small, but we are thinking big: let’s make our Expansion Area resonate with the sound of Harmony!
  • Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 2 - Youth Members who grew up under the wing of Harmony
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Feb 26 2024
    Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 2 - Youth Members who grew up under the wing of Harmony
    As we celebrate our 65th birthday, Harmony, Inc. is proud to showcase members of our musical family who have grown up under the wing of our organization. Did you know we boast more than 80 active members who have been members of Harmony for over 40 years? What a testament to the “blend with friendship” that resonates beyond the stage!
    When asked about her time with Harmony, Inc., Anne Bureau volunteered, "I joined Harmony Inc. at 28. I was not looking for a place to sing, nor was I interested in joining any organization. The moment I heard the four-part harmony, and witnessed pure joy on everyone's faces, I was hooked, and never looked back. Through Harmony, Inc., I met my best friends, including my Spectrum quartet mates, Judy, Ellen, and Marion. Thanks to Harmony, Inc., I also met my husband and soul mate, Ig.
    In the words of Katie Taylor, director of champion chorus Northern Blend and a member of Harmony, Inc. since 1988, “Growing up in barbershop has been amazing—not only did singing with my parents and sister strengthen my family, but I have built amazing friendships and been able to travel the world to work with barbershoppers of all ages and walks of life! It has shaped me into a strong musician and led me to become a music educator, where I pass along my love of barbershop to my students…including my son! It is part of my life on the daily, and I can’t imagine where I would be without it!
    Join us in celebrating these exceptional singers who have grown up in Harmony. Share your favorite memory, tag a long time Harmony, Inc. member, and let’s rejoice in the journeys that reflect our belief that starting small but thinking big can lead to something amazing.
    Here’s to the past, present, and future of our Harmony Family!
  • Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 1 – Growth in Judging Independence
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Feb 25 2024
    Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 1 – Growth in Judging Independence
    From Harmony, Inc.’s inception in 1959 until 1984, all Harmony, Inc. contests were judged by a panel of certified men from the organization known at that time as the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., now the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). In 1973, several members of our organization, each of them already Harmony Queens and remarkable musicians in their own rights, went on to lay the foundation of our modern-day judging program, with the help of the BHS. Certifying these women was groundbreaking not only for Harmony, but for barbershoppers everywhere.
    Today, in celebration of Harmony Awareness Week, we want to voice our respect and gratitude to Nancy Foris, Barbara-Ann MacIntosh, and Lauren Lindeman, our first three judges certified by the exacting standards of the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., and true pioneers in our judging program. By 1989, 16 additional women from within the ranks of Harmony, Inc. had become certified, and for the first time, another pioneering Harmony, Inc. certified judge, Diane Patterson, adjudicated the International Contest.
    From the seeds they planted has grown a remarkable network of Harmony, Inc. members who have become certified judges, twenty-five of them to date. Though our organization no longer depends solely on BHS judges to fill our panels, we are grateful to their volunteers for their support and training throughout the decades as our number of certified judges steadily continues to grow.
    In 1987, the first All-Harmony judging panel occurred at the Area 2 contest in Laval, Quebec. Shortly after the launch of the 2017 “Everyone in Harmony” Initiative, the BHS began certifying women. As a result, several judges from the Harmony, Inc. community are dual certified to judge not only our contests but Barbershop Harmony Society contests as well, with Theresa Weatherbee and Sandi Wright representing our organization in the Performance Category, and Linda Muise serving as a certified Administrative Judge. In more recent history Renee Tramack became a certified BHS Judge in the Singing Category in 2023. Recently, Sandi Wright completed the rare trifecta, being certified in three North American barbershop organizations in Performance (Harmony, Inc. and BHS) and Visual Communication (Sweet Adelines International).
    Our judging program might have started small, with a tiny group of women asking the questions “why not us?”, but with commitment and cooperation it has grown to something our organization can take pride in.
  • Harmony, Inc. Celebrates Its Anniversary Through Harmony Awareness Week
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Feb 18 2024
    We are celebrating our 65th anniversary and are highlighting this wonderful journey we have taken to make Harmony Stronger. We invite you to join us, from Feb 25th to March 2nd to celebrate what we have accomplished.  Please join us in reading all about our story of strenghth, growth, and success as we keep spreading the joy of singing around the world.  You'll read about:
    • the strength of our roots,
    • the quality of our singing,
    • the success our Contest & Judging independence,
    • the geographical expansion,
    • the unlimited educational opportunities,
    • our bonds with the a cappella universe, and
    • the vibrant youth who grew up with us.
  • Classified Ads
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Aug 21 2022

    Harmony, Inc. will provide space on its "members-only" site for classified ads for a payment of $15.  The ad can be no more than 50 words and will be posted for a 30-day period on the site.  A photo/graphic may be included.

    Forward the ad via email to Web Manager, Pam Ringo.

    Forward the $15 check (payable to Harmony, Inc.) to:
    Kelly Peterson
    9466 Pleasant Level Road
    Mechanicsville, VA 23116


    Click any ad below to view a PDF with details.

  • Associate Member Criteria and Benefits
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jun 2 2020
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