Meet Your Harmony, Inc. Quartet Promotion Team!


Like so many areas in Harmony, Inc., we have phenomenal members who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our organization the best it can be. We meet monthly to chat about all things quartets and brainstorm how we can better assist our Areas with quartet promotion. Reach out to your Area Quartet Promotion Chair for support and ideas!

Area 1


Christy Arseneau

Christy Arseneau


Area 2

Ashley Lang has been an active member of Women of Note chorus for over 10 years and has held many positions in the chorus – many as President, Vice President, Chorus Manager, Public Relations Chair, and Performance Chair. Ashley loves to sing with the women of her chorus as they have been such amazing supporters to her passion of singing she didn’t realize she had until meeting them. Never having sung outside of her car or shower, learning “the way of Harmony” with Women of Note led her to quartetting.

She has been singing with Life’s a Pitch since 2012 and they’ve become sisters who share their music with anyone who will listen! She loves quartetting as she believes it’s a great way to reach an audience; she especially loves being the lead to make a song come to life – her favorite part. Ashley feels the challenges and joys from being in a quartet are unbeatable. 

Life's a Pitch has spent the last few years developing great relationships with those who help people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Every member of the quartet has friends and close family affected by the disease, so they participate in ALZ walks and performances for memory wards. They all know from personal experience how music helps those with dementia and memory loss. 

Ashley very much looks forward to working with Area 2 to support their current quartets and hopes to find more!


Area 3

This position is VACANT! Passionate about quartetting and are looking for a way to empower your fellow Area 3 members? We would love to hear from you! Please contact Sarah Thorne-Miller, Area 3 Director, at



Area 4

Sandi Wright directs the St. Louis Vocal Project in Area 4. As a baritone, she has earned two quartet gold medals in Sweet Adelines and two Harmony, Inc. international silver medals with Blaze, and one international bronze medal with Great Day. Great Day is planning to compete this June!

Sandi is the only person, male or female, certified as a competition judge in every North American barbershop organization! She is certified in the Visual Communication Category with Sweet Adelines International and the Performance Category in Harmony, Inc. and Barbershop Harmony Society. She is a certified international faculty member of SAI and is a busy and sought-after coach. Sandi will be teaching coaches at Harmony University this July. And if you think that barbershop singing is her only passion, Sandi was crowned Ms. Missouri Senior America in 2018 and represented her state in the Ms. Senior America pageant in Atlantic City, NJ.

Sandi is married to David Wright, music judge, arranger, baritone singer, and Associate Director of the Ambassadors of Harmony. They have three grown children and four grandchildren and they live in a historic home in St. Louis, Missouri.


Area 5

Stacy Hugman Frenette
Stacy Hugman is a second generation Harmony, Inc. member and has been in Harmony for 33 years. She has sung in so many quartets that she can't recall them all! She is a two-time Queen of Harmony, Inc. with Blue Champagne in 1998 and After Hours in 2000. Currently, she sings baritone with Area 5's Continental Crush as well as in a couple of mixed quartets with her long-time barbershop husband and Harmony, Inc. volunteer-supporter, Richard Frenette. She sings with SAI's Canadian Showtime Chorus in Ottowa. During her 33 years with Harmony, she has held the following positions: Area 2 Convention Chair, Musical Director, Chapter President, Treasurer, Music Chair, Section Leader (bass/baritone), and member of the Harmony Nominating Committee. Recently, she was voted in as the Vice President of Marketing for Richard's BHS chorus, Capital City Chorus. Stacy and Richard have four children. None of the little, uh, darlings, ever joined barbershop! Stacy accepted her position as Area 5's Quartet Promotion Chair not really knowing what she's getting into, so bear with her if she's a bit of a goof at times. That being said, she's always been a HUGE fan and advocate of quartetting!


Area 6

Pam Ringo became the Musical Director of Coastal Voices in June of 2019. Prior to her move to Fort Myers, FL in early 2019, she had formerly lived in Louisville, KY, and was Musical Director of Bluegrass Harmony since the fall of 2015. An active Sweet Adeline since 2002 and Harmony, Inc. member since 2018, Pam brings an array of experience and an overabundance of enthusiasm and energy to her role as Quartet Promotion Chair!

During the day, Pam provides legal administration for Musial Law Firm, LLC and works as a closing agent for Musial Title, LLC.  In her “spare time,” Pam has two older children who reside in Kentucky, two dogs, three cats, one bird, and Angie!

She is a self-proclaimed “barbershop junkie” as she cannot get enough of it. In addition to directing, she attends any educational event she can, soaking in the knowledge, and also makes learning tracks and designs websites for other barbershop choruses and quartets. She is currently singing with In Sync quartet (representing Bluegrass Harmony and Coastal Voices) and Acappelicans quartet, a Coastal Voices Chapter Quartet.


Co-Quartet Development Coordinators

Donna Gronemeyer 

Rachel Storey-Chase 

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