Lady Lyrix

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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Lady Lyrix
Some things really are destined by fate – and Lady Lyrix is one of those things! These four women are all fairly new to the ScotianAires, but a conversation at International 2019 in Sandusky Ohio sparked something…. Michelle and Elizabeth are sisters, and the idea of singing together had already been a dream for them. Heather was anxious to sing sing sing, and into the room walked Tanya who is known for never saying no! “We’ll just give it a shot” they said. 

That following spring, they met for the first time, sang together privately, and the magic between the four of them was electric. Lady Lyrix knew they had found something simply special, not just in the music they create, but in a really amazing friendship.

We're so excited to have been the mic testers at Area 1's AC&C 2023 and want to thank everyone for such a warm welcome and the support on our stage debut.

Chapter: ScotianAires
Area: Area1
General public contact: Heather MacIntyre
Area of operation: Dartmouth
State: NS