Kentville, Nova Scotia

Although QWiNN formed in 2019, the members have a combined barbershop singing experience of over 80 years, and have been in a total of 13 quartets! Three of our members (Pat – Lead, Paula – Baritone, and Gina – Bass) are all Section Leads in Valley Voices. Janet (Tenor) is a Long-Distance Member of Valley Voices.
We have all been life-long singers. As sisters, Pat and Janet have always sung harmonies together. Pat sang in 2 choruses in Ontario, including Harmony Inc. International Champions A Capella Showcase, before returning to NS and joining Valley Voices. Paula and Gina have been singing-sisters in Valley Voices for many years. Even through COVID, QWiNN found ways to get together and enjoy friendship and support.
Chapter: Valley Voices
Area: Area1
General public contact: Pat Pauli
Area of operation: Kentville
State: NS