Lookin' 4 Treble!

New Quartet in 2020!

Saint John, New Brunswick

Lookin' 4 Treble!
Lookin' 4 Treble became a Registered quartet in March 2020 - just before the pandemic started.
We all love to sing and enjoy each others company but practicing became a bit difficult because of the pandemic.
We did manage to get one song pretty well off the paper and had the opportunity to submit a virtual Christmas Song to add to Sea Belles Nursing Home Virtual Performances.
Being women, it was important to get matching outfits, and had a fun photo shoot.
Where our bari, Brenda Smith, will be leaving us in June for PEI (lucky Island A Cappella) there will be a void that, if we decide to continue, will have to be filled and do have a wonderful gal who may join us.  It is difficult right now for all quartets to get together and we are all hoping this will be over soon.
With love and harmony,
Lookin' 4 Treble!
Chapter: Sea Belles
Area: Area1
General public contact: Margie Fife
Area of operation: Saint John
State: NB