Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Ahoy there!  Another quartet has landed on the shores of Prince Edward Island!  Introducing SeaNotes!  Formed in the fall of 2020 it features Lead: Carol Craswell, Bass: Beth Peters, Baritone: Colleen Murphy, and Tenor:  Carolyn Prime.  All quartet members also sing with Island A Cappella.
Although Carol, Beth and Colleen have been members of Island A Cappella for several years they are each enjoying the quartet experience for the very first time!  Carolyn, during her 35 years with Harmony Inc., has been in several quartets, competing at both regional and international competitions.
Wanting to embrace the many joys of island living when selecting an identity, the name "SeaNotes" simply washed ashore on a gentle breeze!
At this time the quartet is focusing on developing a repertoire and singing for fun.
In addition to the pleasure of getting together to sing and enjoy each other's company, they have a "fifth" honorary quartet member.  Each week, Carol's husband prepares a post-rehearsal snack of assorted cheese, veggies, crackers and deli meats.  It's not only a tasty treat but he gets an A+ for presentation!
SeaNotes are counting the days until they can share a song with you in person!
Much Love from the Shoreline of PEI,
Chapter: Harmony, Inc. Area 1
Island A Cappella
Area: Area1
General public contact: Carolyn Prime
Area of operation: Charlottetown
State: PE