Four Shore

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

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Four Shore
Four Shore joins us from Area 1 in Nova Scotia. Jennifer Green, Terra Lee Kelly, Jackie Barkhouse, and Suzanne Rudolf are all members of Seaside A Cappella. They enjoyed summer rehearsals on Mahone Bay at Jennifer’s house and are safely gathering inside now.
In March 2021, three members were in another developing quartet but the fourth had taken a step back as she was expecting a baby. The remaining members wanted to prepare a special song for the birth and needed a fourth singer, so they looked to their chorus mates in Seaside A Cappella. Recently, they presented Billy Joel’s Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) for the new family and the baby slept the best she ever had! In learning the song, they discovered their voices blended well and they enjoyed singing together, so decided to become an official quartet.
Creating a new name for their quartet was hard (we can all relate, right?), says Terra Lee. They wanted something that resonated with them, was light-hearted, related to where they lived, and referred to their chorus. They formed lists upon lists of words relating to music and the shore but just couldn’t find one they loved. Suzanne, Four Shore’s bass, mentioned the issue to her friends one night and by morning, a friend sent a text saying, “I’ve got it! Four Shore!” They loved it. It’s also a common local expression they often use themselves when agreeing upon a comment or observation during rehearsal, so it fit perfectly!
They’re now starting to expand their repertoire in preparation for potential performances. COVID-19 restrictions hinder their opportunities, but they look forward to having more audiences to “work out the nerves” and had their first coaching session in November. Competition may be on the horizon for this foursome, so be on the lookout for them at Area 1’s AC&C!
Chapter: Seaside A Cappella
Valley Voices
Area: Area1
General public contact: Jennifer Green
Area of operation: Nova Scotia
State: NS