4 Corners

Milton, Ontario

4 Corners
4 Corners started out Zoom'n Along during Covid when Angie contacted the other 3 members asking if they wanted to try out a quartet. All 4 of us had listed our names on the Area 5 quartet list and it turned out that we all sang different parts.
We got together for a few months on Zoom, exchanging ideas of songs and getting to know each other. In August of 2021 we finally met in person at Kim's house and sang together for the first time and we were pretty happy with the sound. We continued to meet when we could and worked on a few chorus songs. After a few months we decided to try a few new songs and that seemed to go well so here we are a year later still singing together, having dinners together and lots of laughs.
We are just having some fun together and learning how to be in a quartet as all of us have very little quartet experience.

Why 4 Corners?  Well because we all come from different directions to meet at one location.

Chapter: A Cappella Showcase
Area: Area5
General public contact: Angie Morton

Area of operation: Oakville, Paris, St Catharines, Kitchener
State: Ontario