Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 7 - Growth in Education

Harmony Awareness Week Celebrations Day 7 - Growth in Education
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Posted By: Anne Bureau
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Date Posted: Sat, Mar 2 2024
“Empowering women through singing, education, and friendship,” is the core mission of Harmony, Inc., now celebrating its 65th birthday. Over the past six and a half decades, our organization has undergone remarkable growth, particularly in the realms of musical and leadership education.
In response to the challenges presented by the pandemic in 2020, Harmony, Inc. swiftly adapted and launched The HIVE — a comprehensive catalog of recorded classes available to all members though our website. This initiative allowed us to transcend the traditional limitations of in-person gatherings, providing members with continuous opportunities for education.
With 119 classes currently available, facilitated by 64 different teachers, the HIVE has garnered 7,398 registrations to date. The platform has become a valuable resource, showcasing our commitment to ongoing learning and accessibility, allowing members to engage in education without leaving their homes.
Beyond the HIVE, Harmony, Inc. members are embracing creative educational opportunities. Many Areas organize education days with unique and enjoyable twists, fostering a culture of continuous learning. At the International level, our focus on musical directors’ education led to the initiation of the Directors First campaign in 2016. This initiative aimed to send. directors and musical leaders to Harmony University (HU) — an esteemed barbershop education experience, with the first scholarships being awarded in 2017. We are proud to have supported a number of musical leaders in attending HU, enriching their knowledge and bringing valuable insights back to our risers to elevate our collective musical education.
With an eye always on further educational experiences, in 2023 Harmony took another leap in developing our musical director skills by initiating a mentorship program. We currently have twelve musical leaders involved with our one-on-one mentoring program with further growth expected in the months to come.
Just as Harmony, Inc. started small, our educational endeavors have experienced remarkable growth, a testament to the big thinking of our members and leaders. We celebrate the success of our educational initiatives and look forward to continued growth and learning in the years ahead. Let us know - what was your favorite education class?