Mount Allison Registration and Booking Details - Island A Cappella, Newfound Sound, ScotianAires, Sea Belles, Seaside A Cappella, Valley Voices

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Posted By: Nicole Peters
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Date Posted: Tue, Apr 2 2024
Please only register during the appropriate time window - otherwise you may not be in the same set of rooms as the rest of your chorus, and it may also overwhelm the system again, like last year. None of us want that!

Accomodation and meals registration:
Valley Voices April 1 to 7
ScotianAires April 8 to 14
Seaside A Cappella April 15 to 21
All Remaining Choruses April 22 to May 3

See the file attached to this post for detailed instructions. This information has been provided to chorus contacts. Only register during your given date range!

Accessibility Scooters
For any member needing assistance getting around campus, we are providing some names of companies in the area who may rent short term (limited scooters available)
They are as follows:
National Seating & Mobility 506-382-5780
Tango Medical 1-877-854-8842
Lawton's Moncton 506-855-1874
Harding Medica 506-855-5200
*Please Note*
The golf cart at Mt A is available to us, however, the judges get priority.
The university will be providing a number to call to book the cart if a member needs it.

AC&C AEP prices
Event registration - this goes through your chorus Treasurer!
All Events Passes (AEPs) (includes Saturday banquet)
Standard Member: $145
Non-Competing member: $108.75
Youth Member (25 & under): FREE!

No refunds for AEPs will be issued after May 15. However, these costs may be transferred to another member should there be a need to do so.